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First Day

Purple Pear Body Therapy is now OPEN!!! My good friend Ellen said that 28 is a lucky number..full of good fortune...so we opened..ready or not! Purple Pear turned the open sign at 5:57 pm on November 28 despite the sounds of Dave's circular saw in the background.

New Family Members

Practioners are joining our Purple Pear family!  Welcome Will Lowe, Ashley Burke, and Teresea Carson!  I will post pics and bios soon!  We are just getting paint on the walls...hopefully we will be adding furniture next week.  It's just like dancing....getting contractors and inspectors lined up promptly...yikes!  We are hoping to open in just a couple of weeks!  YEA!!!

Getting started

Cleaning out the cobwebs of the soon to be Purple Pear Body Therapy!  I've had contractors bidding on work...thanks Cedar Creek Plumbing....we will be getting a washer plumbed in next week! Still looking for painters.  Ellen Bowler is working hard on creating just the right hand and foot basins for our manis and pedis.  Her pottery is fantastic, and am honored to have her work displayed in our shop.
Recruiting talented staff will be the most fun!  Can't wait to see who will be joining our family.
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